Custom Software Solutions


Custom Software Solutions

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We work with customized and up-to-date software to cater to your needs, streamline the workflow of your company, and create growth opportunities.


  • Software Development
  • Software Support
  • Software Update
  • Custom Software Consulting
  • Data Security
  • Fintech
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Data Management
  • CRM / ERP

Our Goal

Customized Software

It is crucial in today's digital world. Software applications that can be used in every sector and business can make functions such as customer service, business processes, data storage, and analytics more efficient. By taking into consideration current technologies and user experience, we can help you meet your customers' expectations and reach higher competitiveness. With customized software, we can assist you in producing more efficient solutions for your company's needs and reaching growth opportunities.

The rapid advancement of technology in today's world has increased the technological needs of businesses and individuals. Therefore, software services are becoming increasingly important. Software solutions are a suite of services offered to meet the technological needs of a business or an individual.

Client Faced Software

Whatever the focus of your business, one of the most in-demand types of custom software is consumer software. This refers to all types of systems where the customer interacts directly with a mobile or desktop application, website or even the software installed on the tablet in a store. Whatever happens; Having custom software is a great way to provide an outstanding experience.


When the computer was introduced to the business world; Finance and accounting sectors were the first to adopt this technology. Computers; It is well suited for tasks related to almost every aspect of financial services.

Today, fintech software; From inventory management to balance sheets, automatic quarterly report data collection and creation, it is used extensively in the finance and accounting departments of successful businesses.

Data Management

The importance of data collection and effective use in the process of making business decisions is great. After all, "Data is the new oil." expression did not appear out of nowhere. Whether you want to dive deep into your customers' minds or transform and develop your business from the inside, making good decisions; There's no better way than to base them on data.

But to get the most out of it, companies need to find effective ways to collect data and store, segment and visualize data to get accurate results. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML); You can use special software to support you in all these steps. At Pare Ajans, we develop tailor-made solutions for processing massive amounts of data and using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help our clients become data-driven companies.


Using widely available off-the-shelf software, relying on it for embedded data and company information; increases the risk of being the target of cybercriminals. Most hackers target these popular programs and try to find vulnerabilities. Because when they find a space; they know they can use it to extract data from thousands of companies.

That's why banks and other institutions that prioritize security rely almost entirely on proprietary software to handle their sensitive data. Our special software; It includes all the security measures you may need, and we constantly apply updates to ensure the highest security standards, rather than forcing you to accept what off-the-shelf software finds sufficient.

Enter New Markets

We increase the reach and efficiency of your business with special software for the future. With our latest technology special software solutions; We help you expand vertically and enter entirely new markets.

Be More Durable

The software solutions we offer for businesses make you more resistant in the competitive market and you can easily adapt to the changes in the market.

Increase Efficiency

By digitizing your business; We enable your business to take full advantage of remote working through many advanced management tactics.

Our Other Solutions

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